Saturday, July 26, 2008


Our paperwork phase is coming to an end. We ran into some delays with various offices because of people going on summer vacation. We finally received our completed home-study this week. Armed with this and our completed paperwork, we made the journey to Catholic Social Services in Asheville this week for a paperwork review party with CSS staff. A few minor modifications, which weren't unexpected. Now, almost all of our paperwork is complete and notarized.

Paperwork for many types of international adoption must be apostilled (check out Wiki for a definition of apostille). So, now that the bulk of it has been notarized, the next step in the process is for the notarized paperwork to be 'verified' by the County Clerk for the county in which it was notarized. Then, once it has been verified, it goes to Nashville for the final apostille stamp. Then, and only then, can the document legally stand up in a court of law outside of the United States.

(Note to anyone reading this who is performing an international adoption but who live in a state other than Tennessee: Check with your adoption agency for details specific to your state.)

According to CSS staff, it we can get this paperwork finalized within the next two weeks, we could be doing our first trip to Moscow the first half of October and finalize the adoption by Christmas.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Katie is getting more and more excited and is starting to go around the house making references to "Daniel from Russia".


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