Friday, March 13, 2009

Another update...

Well, we continue to wait for word from Russia on a court date. However we have had some contact with the Motherland...

The Thompson family are in Russia for their court appearance, which went well by the way. Stacye and Andy were at the orphanage to see their little girl they are adopting, Alina, and were able to visit with Daniel for about 10 minutes. They report that he's in great shape, growing up and now has two teeth coming in. They were able to send us some pictures of him. He was in his typical good spirits, smiling and laughing. They reported to us that they gave the staff another disposable camera to take pictures of Daniel with, that we'll get when we officially adopt him and pick him up. Plus they are writing in Daniel's journal, chronically Daniel's life while we're away from him.

BTW, regarding photos...some have asked why we haven't posted any pictures of Daniel on the blog. Well, technically he's not ours, he's a ward of the Russian government. Until he's 'ours' we can't publically post any pictures of him. If we posted pictures and somehow the Russian government found out...well, they could make life difficult on us...

We're continuing to purchase items to donate to the orphanage. This time of year is a great time to find bargains on winter items.

So, for now we wait.

Greg, Mary and Katie

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