Monday, November 24, 2008

Remember my Roller Coaster analogy?

Roller coasters are so much fun! All the twists and turns and those loops are killer! Throughout the ride people experience a wide range of emotions. Fear one moment can turn into moments of shear enjoyment the next. Everyone comes off of roller coasters with a wide smile on their face.

Well, our roller coaster ride continues...

So, we are indeed registered with Moscow. That's a huge step forward. they've once again closed their doors until January 2009.

This isn't so bad. We weren't really looking forward to trying to fit so much into December. Between the holidays, FRIENDS Christmas party, my niece graduating from college and other things going on in the family, it was almost going to be more than we could fit into the month.

At least now we can enjoy the holidays, rest up and be prepared for travel sometime in January.

That is, unless this roller coaster has more loops it wants to throw at us.

G, M and K.

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