Friday, November 14, 2008

We are registered!

So for everyone keeping up with what all is going on, you'll appreciate the irony of all this...

Just when we thought that nothing else would happen this year, and that it would be 2009 before anything would break loose...everything changes!

! We are now registered with the Ministry of Education
in the
Moscow region of Russia !
We're being told that the Moscow region realized that they had room for two more families to be registered in their region by end of 2008. So as of Friday, 11/14/2008, we're registered there!
So, what does this mean? Our dossier is now in the hands of the Russian officials there in Moscow. Typically, once you are registered, you're looking at 3-6 weeks before you receive word that you are to travel to the region to meet the child they have matched you to.
We've been told, based upon recent turn around times, that could translate to us traveling to Moscow, for our first trip, either the week of December 7th or December 14th.
Of course the bummer would then be that because of the holidays we probably wouldn't get a court date until middle January at the earliest. Russian Christmas holidays are spread from late December to early January. Most of the country pretty much shuts down until 2nd week of January.
So, the roller coaster ride continues... At least now it's moving in the right direction...
G, M and K

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