Sunday, February 1, 2009

Update for Thursday

Thursday started out going to one of the MANY local notary offices to have the court petitions notarized. Following this off we went back to the orphanage to spend more time with Daniel.

He's continuing to bond with us. He comes to us with no problems and enjoys play with both Greg and Mary. We had to wait until he woke from his nap. The caregivers didn't want to wake him up too early because it disrupts their schedule. Disruption of the children's schedule is not desired by the caregivers. I guess I can appreciate that; imagine having I don't know...15-30 kids in one room and one gets upset causing a chain reaction of crying. You get the picture...

We got to spend more time than usual with him today, but, at the end of our visit we had to say good-bye for the last time. We knew there wouldn't be enough time for a visit on Friday due to the medical review.

Saying good-bye was very, very difficult. We knew that in a few days we'd have to fly home, several thousand miles away and leave him here. We took as long as we could saying good-bye.

Knowing that we were leaving on Saturday, we went back to the flat and packed, eating the stuff we had bought at the store.

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