Thursday, February 19, 2009


We're starting to pack for trip 2 which is the Court Appearence trip. Based upon feedback we're getting from the Thompson family, we now estimate that our court date could be in middle March. Another interesting thing we found out is that the 10 day waiting for the Moscow region does count Saturdays. So...doing a little math here...if we have our court date somewhere the middle of March, the 10 day wait following the court date means we COULD either have him home by his birthday or at least we would be with him in Russia on his birthday.

We've been gathering gifts and donations to give to the orphanage. At this point we've got a bunch of stuff like clothes, gloves, diaper cream, lotions, hats plus crayons.

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Jill and John said...

I hope you get good news soon on your court date. Thanks for the travel tips in the previous post. We're keeping them in mind as we think about what to pack.