Sunday, May 3, 2009

Home for a week

We've been home for a week now. Daniel's sleeping through the night and usually wakes between 5:30 and 7:00am. He's eating really good and thus far has not had any allergic reaction to any foods we've given him. He has absolutely no signs of the rash he had when we first met him in Moscow.

We've kept friends and family at bay for the week while we work on bonding with him. He's bonded quite well with us. He'll reach up when he wants to be held and cry when Mary or I leave the room. Another positive sign is that when he's frightened, he cries and reaches for us (he's afraid of the vacuum).

We've got a First Birthday / Welcome Home party coming up for him this coming Saturday. We'll have to work on 'protecting' him from all the over zealous people who'll want to monopolize him.

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Laura said...

Home a week already?? Geez - time is flying! Glad to hear that Daniel is bonding to you guys and that all is going so well.

Looking forward to hearing how the "Weclome Home/Happy 1st Birthday" gathering goes!

All the best,