Sunday, June 7, 2009

Follow up

Well, we've been home now for over a month and a lot has happened.

Daniel is doing awesome! He's sleeping 8-9 hours a night, he's been walking now for 3 weeks,he's beginning to repeat words. We try to get both his morning and afternoon nap in each day (he's a happier baby when he gets both in ;> )
All his medical tests came back negative. We were concerned that he would have food alergies since he was always broken out at the orphanage, but all the tests came back negative and he hasn't had a breakout since we got home with him. Other blood and stool sample tests came back negative.
We had his combination "Welcome Home/Happy Birthday" party several weeks ago. We had over 75 friends and family come out to welcome Daniel to the family.
His big sister Katie is enjoying having a little brother to play with.


Kelly S. said...

congratulations! I am glad he is doing so well. He is absolutley precious!!

Anonymous said...

He is sooo cute!! Can't wait to meet him at the CSS picnic.
Lisa Plumb

Laura said...

So glad to hear about the clean bill of health. And how blessed you are -- two naps and such a happy little boy!

Beautiful pictures!