Thursday, August 7, 2008

Dossier enroute to Moscow

We have handed off our dossier to CSS, who in turn handed it off to a family from Greeneville, Tn who is heading to Moscow Friday 8/8/2008. They are heading over on their second trip which is the trip where they go before the judge.

Our fingerprints are on their way to the FBI for the ever popular background check.

Now that word of our blog has spread, we're fielding some questions. Here's some common ones and the answers:

1. Do you have any information regarding the child you're receiving? - No. We have requested a boy up to age of 18 months. We won't get any information until we walk in the door at the orphanage in Moscow.

2. Is the child you're adopting named Daniel? Daniel is the name we have picked out. One of the final things you get to do when you're before the judge on the second trip is have the child's name changed to something more 'appropriate' for your country. It is highly recommended that we keep some part of his Russian name, but as for the first name we have chosen Daniel.

Greg, Mary and Katie.

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