Tuesday, August 5, 2008

We've given birth to a dossier!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we're pleased to annouce the birth of a 85 page dossier. It was a difficult birthing process but Greg, Mary, several Notary Publics and our laser printer are all doing well.


OK, so what's that mean???

We've finished the paperwork phase!!! Our dossier (packet of certified documents) is complete and we are taking it to Asheville to be sent to Moscow for translation.

Next steps:

1. Once the dossier reaches Moscow, it will be translated to Russian and registered with the Russian Ministry of Education.

2. We're getting our fingerprints done August 6th for our FBI background check.

3. Wait for the big phone call from CSS to indicate they have a referal for us.

The 'current wait time' puts us at traveling on our first trip sometime in October.

Greg, Mary & Katie

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