Thursday, August 14, 2008

I-171H received and other exciting news!

Another milestone has been reached!! Today we received our I-171H from the UCIS. This is a major milestone and reason for celebration! This form allows us to file for Daniel's visa for entry into the United States when we bring him from Russia. Without this form, even if we had successfully adopted him from Russia, we wouldn't be allowed to bring him to the US.

Our dossier made it to Russia the morning of the 9th of August. It is being translated to Russia by CSS staff in Moscow.

OK, so everyone is allowed 1 mistake...I've had mine. I forgot one of the forms. In the mad dash to get all the forms filled out, signed, notarized, certified and apostilled...I MISSED ONE FORM!!! ;> Katrina called me on the 8th asking where the form was. I felt like an idiot!!! we go doing the mad dash again. Signing, notarizing, certifying and rushing it to Nashville to be apostilled by the Secretary of State. We're keeping UPS happy with all these packages flying around the state of Tennessee.

But wait...there's more! I got a confirmation that our FBI background check was progressing and that they hope to be done with it within 1-2 weeks.

So, if we can get our FBI background check done and get the results back here in Tennessee, get that plus our I171H notarized, certified and apostilled...WE'LL BE DONE WITH ALL OF THE PAPERWORK REQUIRED HERE IN THE UNITED STATES!!!

(Of course...there's all the paperwork while we're in Russia to take care of...but that's for another day).

Greg, Mary & Katie

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