Monday, September 29, 2008

The rollercoaster ride continues

Ok, so it appears that we're back to the waiting game. The referral that was being filed in Tula wasn't for us. ;<

Tula currently doesn't have any children that meets our profile for a child. Apparently there are some that will eventually, but that will be 3 months from now. The children have to be 'in the system' for so many months before they can be adopted out.

We're also being told that Kaluga (pronounced Ka-lu-ga) has no referrals for us either.

So, we're back to Moscow.

The big Russian Federal Audit we've been hearing about is actually happening this week, so CSS staff in Moscow are focusing on that. That's on Thursday of this week (10/2/2008), so it will be early next week before they get back to working on finding referrals for waiting families.

What a ride!!!! ;>

G, M and K

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