Sunday, September 28, 2008

This could be the week for a referral!!!

Things have been quiet for a while. I spoke with Carol of CSS week before last and she indicated that things may start moving this week. Here's what we know:

1. Carol with CSS has been checking the Tula region for us for a referral. She knows that a family recently tried finding a child similar to one we're desiring from Moscow and they had no luck.

2. Carol informed me that Svetlana of their Moscow office was going to Tula on business and that she would check with their orphanages for a child that matches our desired profile.

3. We have been in touch with a family who was in Tula last week with Svetlana. They know that Svetlana registered a dossier in that region for a family who was 'near the top of the list'. THAT COULD BE US!!!!

So, we may be putting too many stories/clues together and arriving at an incorrect assumption...but...this could be the week!

We will update everyone as we get information.

Greg, Mary and Katie.

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