Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Arrived for trip 2

We arrived in Moscow Tuesday morning at about 10:30 am local time. The long flight from ATL was made even longer by a few rude Russians who would never shutup. They 'roamed' from region to region of the forward bulkhead area chatting/laughing. They never came near our area but they could be heard throughout.

Smooth sailing getting through passport and luggage. Katia was waiting for us outside of luggage and off we went directly to the orphanage.

Daniel has grown in the past 3 months. He now has 4 teeth that have come in (all uppers), his hair is a little longer and curlier and his skin rash/food alergies are gone. We all believe he remembers us because when they brought him in he stared at us intensely for about a minute. It took him an hour to 'warm up' but when he did he was laughing and playing. He can stand on his own for several minutes (>4) and can take several unassisted steps by him self.

Following seeing Daniel, we left the orphanage for the CSS office in downtown Moscow. Gotta love Moscow traffic!!! Ugggh! Spent a few short minutes checking in with the CSS staff, getting a few pointers on court, then they let us go to go get checked into the hotel.

We're staying at one of the Holiday Inn's in Moscow. Practically identical to HI's in the US. Comfortable room and bed, wireless internet is anonyingly slow during peak hours but at 3:00am in the morning it is nice and speedy. If you stay here try the Beef Stroganoff!!! Awesome!!! And be sure to tell the cook how you want your meat cooked, Mary's burger was still breathing...

Wednesday we're outta here at 9:30 for our 11:30 court appearance. I showed my prepared statements to Katia and she could find nothing wrong with them.

Until then, I think I'll attempt to sleep some more...

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Iraida said...

I wish you a successful court hearing. I can't wait to see Daniel's pictures.