Monday, April 27, 2009

Trip 3 - Friday

Thursday night was totally uneventful. Daniel slept through the night with no problems.

Friday started out with Katia and Valimir picking us up and taking us to the Ministry of Education (MOE). The purpose of the visit to MOE was to sign a document requesting that they take our names off of the registry of potential adoptive parents. The ladies of course took their time to play with Daniel. We saw a good sign of bonding while at MOE. I (Greg) was holding Daniel and one of the ladies in the office held out her arms to take Daniel. Daniel actually paused and held onto me for a few moments before going to the lady. This is a good sign we're bonding well with Daniel. After signing the papers, letting them enjoy a few moments with Daniel, we left them with a traditional parting gift of a box of candies.

Katia and Vladimir dropped us off at our flat after MOE. Katia though continued working. She took our information to the Russian Federation Ministry of Foreign Affairs where she registered Daniel as a Russian citizen. Daniel enjoys a dual citizenship and it is recommended that he be registered as one living abroad. Most agencies leave it to the parents to do this once they return to the states. CSS requires it be done and have the interpreter do it.

We rested and packed the rest of Friday and got to bed early. We knew the flight home would be long.

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