Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Trip 2 (part 2)

As a follow on to our previous post, a few other things:

Most of the snow here in Moscow has melted now. Outside of the city in the more rural areas, they still have snow on the ground. Temps are in the 40s with the sun trying to pop through.

We presented our donations yesterday. Mostly children's clothing we had purchased in the States or clothing that had been donated from other sources. We included in our donation some diaper rash cream we had gotten on sale somewhere. They were particuallarly happy to receive that. According to Katia, here in Russia there are many products on the market that are nothing more than cheap knock-off products made in China that simply do not work. It's hard to tell the difference sometimes between a 'quality product' and one that is a knock-off, plus paying a higher price for the product doesn't guarantee you anything either.

So, for anyone wanting to know what to bring to orphanages as a donation...BUTT CREAM is a hit! Also, OralGel for the children while they are teething is a welcome donation.

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Andy and Stacye said...

Glad ya'll made it safe to Moscow. So glad Daniel recogognized you, that's awesome. He's such a sweet little guy. You'll by in my prayers. Good luck with court, you will do great.