Wednesday, April 8, 2009

We're Parents Again!

Today it became offical - WE'RE PARENTS AGAIN!

Daniel Allen Artyom Holt is now our child, per the ruling of the judge this afternoon in the Moscow Regional Courts.

Court went well. We were delayed about 15 minutes because the case before ours went over. Our case took an 1 hour, 15 minutes. Questions to us were minimal (2 or 3) because I covered all 'typical' topics in my opening statement. The judge was complete and to the point, but polite and friendly as well.

After court we had to run to the adoption agency's office and then to the Notary Public for some document signings.

We've now made it back to the hotel and WE'RE CRASHING HARD!!! We ordered room service and are crawling in bed for a nap.


the6houks said...

Awesome news! Congratulations!

John and Jill said...


Sabrina said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Abbi & I can't wait to meet Daniel when he gets to come home with you. Have a safe trip back home!

Iraida said...

Yipeeee! Big Congrat's!

Andy and Stacye said...

Congratulations and safe journey home!

Laura said...


In other words...Congratulations! Wonderful news. Can't wait to see pics of you guys with Daniel. Rest up.

~Laura :)

Kelly S. said...


Happy Easter too.