Sunday, April 5, 2009

Trip 2 is upon us

We depart for trip 2 back to Moscow tomorrow at 11:30 AM. Quick flight to ATL, sit for a few hours then we settle in for our 11 hour flight to Moscow.

Upon arriving in Moscow Tuesday morning, we'll go directly to the orphanage where we'll see Daniel for the first time since January. Not sure how long we'll get to spend with him since we'll be dead tired I'm sure.

Wednesday we have our 11:30am appearance in court. If all goes well and Greg's prepared statement is sufficient, the entire proceeding may take no more than 15 minutes from start to finish. If the judge isn't quite happy with the prepared statement and wants to 'dig deeper', they will start asking questions. Longest court appearance we've heard of was 2 hours. By this point, the court appearance is no more than a formality. We've passed all other hurdles and we've never heard of anyone being denied the adoption at this stage.

Thursday we'll head back to the orphanage to visit with Daniel one more time before we leave on Friday.

We'll update everyone Tuesday evening once we get into the hotel.

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Laura said...

Fifteen minutes in court? That's great! All the Ekat proceedings are about 2 hours so we don't expect anything less.

We'll be following your journey -- enjoy every moment and take lots of pics!