Friday, April 17, 2009

Countdown to trip 3

32 hours till we depart for our third and final trip to Moscow. Our visas arrived a little over an hour ago, that's cutting it too close for me. If we didnt' receive them in time it would have cost us somewhere around $750-$1000 to adjust our tickets and accomodations.

We're packing as light as possible for trip 3. It's not the trip going over that is'll be the trip back! We'll have all our luggage, Daniel (of course) and the stroller. Remember from previous postings that most cars in Russia are small. Packing all of us and our stuff into Vladimir's car will be quite a feat.

Gotcha day is anticipated to be Tuesday. Yes, yes, there will be pictures posted... ;>

We'll be taking my laptop plus webcam so we can communicate to family via skype.

Accommodations this time around will be an apartment next to the American embassy. Full kitchen, bath, free Internet (yeah) and calls to the US.

So, that's it for now. We'll probably update everyone once we get to Moscow and get settled in to the apartment.


Kelly S. said...

Safe Travels!! I hope all goes well for you and I will pray for your family. Good luck on the plane ride HOME!

Lin C. said...

Sorry I'm slow in reading your blogs. Nevertheless, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! We are all thrilled over the news of your "official" latest blessing! It couldn't happen to a better family!! Have a safe & peaceful (relatively speaking, hey, ya got a one yr old now ;) journey back home! xoxo Lin gbua